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Special Kids from China,

A Son Comes Come from Ethiopia, When Jack and Kristin met in college, their mutual interests in world cultures and social justice brought them together as a couple. Long before they were married, the couple decided that they would adopt a child even if they had bilogical children

And Baby Makes FIve: An Adjustment Challenge, Debbie and Aaron had always wanted a big family. Although Debbie had several miscarriages, the couple was thrilled to have two helathy biological sons. But they wanted to "grow their family" by adding at least one more child. They decided that adopting

Blending The Blended Family,

Korean Adoption: It Only Takes a Few Months to Live Happily Ever After,

Jamal's Long Journey Home from Sierra Leone, This couple, eager to adopt a child from Africa, perservered to bring home an older boy from a war-torn country.

A Dream Come True, An interstate private adoption enables this couple to become the adoptive parents of a newborn son.

Celebrating 25 Years of Service, Child and Home Study Associates celebrated its 25th year as a licensed adoption agency with a luncheon attended by staff and board members. Staff, present and former, and clients fondly shared their memories of the agency's impact in the community.

More features to come...,

Meant To Be a Family, This single woman wanted to create a family of her own and provide a home for a little girl from China.

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Domestic Adoptions Still Going Strong!

In a time when international adoption has slowed down considerably due to the many changes in the process and availability of young, healthy children, there are still options for couples or singles wishing to adopt a newborn infant.

Although the availability of newborn infants through the public sector (U.S. foster care system) is rare, there are certainly private agencies and attorneys who are facilitating domestic infant adoption placements.

Tom and Suze have been married for seven years, and had tried for four years to have a biological child. They tried fertility treatment without success, and decided after four years, that they were ready to move forward with adoption. Although their fertility specialist felt that they could eventually achieve a pregnancy, the couple decided that they would put their financial resources toward an option that would help them achieve their dream of being parents within a reasonable time frame. The couple researched adoption agencies around the country, yet decided on a small, local placement agency in their own state. They found the agency director to be compassionate, and appreciated her approach of working with a limited number of adoptive parents to assure that each couple would have a child within 12-18 months.

After completing their Adoption Home Study with Child and Home Study Associates, Tom and Suze prepared themselves for a long wait, knowing that birthparents typically review Parent Profiles of several couples before selecting the adoptive parents for their child. Tom and Suze also knew that they would participate in a conference call with a prospective birthparent before a “match” was made. Tom and Suze were willing to maintain a moderate amount of contact with the birthparents before and after birth, and they were also flexible as to the race of the child. As a Caucasian couple, Tom and Suze knew that being open to a child from another race/ethnicity than their own would increase their chances of being chosen quickly. Even so, they were surprised when only four months after completion of their Home Study, their adoption agency contacted them because a birthmother, Judy, had expressed interest in them. They were even more surprised to learn that Judy was carrying a fully Caucasian child. Tom, Suze, and Judy held a conference call facilitated by the couple’s adoption agency. Judy requested that Tom and Suze fly out to Chicago in a few weeks to meet with her as she really wanted to meet face-to-face. This get together in Chicago was a positive and pleasant experience, and Tom and Suze were impressed with Judy’s strength. Judy wanted to be sure that she placed her child with parents who would surround the child with lots of family and friends, and she wanted adoptive parents who would send her photographs and updates about the child’s progress twice a year. Tom and Suze agreed to this plan, and understood that reassuring a birthmother about the child’s welfare was a reasonable request.

When Tom and Suze received the call that Judy was going into labor, they immediately flew back to Chicago. They enjoyed meeting their infant son minutes after he was born, and named him Dennis. Although they knew that Judy had the right to change her mind over the next several days, they remained positive and supportive during their visits at the hospital, and Judy went through with her plans to place the child with the couple. Tom and Suze had to remain in Chicago several days before they could return home with their son, and they took the opportunity to go out to dinner with Judy and her mother. Tom and Suze understood that Judy was committed to her decision, but also cared deeply about Dennis’ welfare. In that light, they felt comfortable seeing Judy and allowing her ample time to say good-bye to Dennis. The couple values the time they spent with Dennis’ biological family, and the relationship they established. They look forward to someday sharing the photographs and information they gathered about Judy and Judy’s mother with Dennis, so that he will understand that both his adoptive family and his biological family had only his best interests at heart.


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